The School Day

The school day starts at the following times:

  • Year 11 P, Q, and R Groups (Personalised Placement) – 9.45 am
  • Year 10 Assessment Group (12 Week Placement) – 9.00 am
  • KS3 Groups (12 Week Placement) – 9.00 am
  • Cedars Group (18 Week Placement) – 9.30 am

The Centre operates varied finish times, according to the day and year group. Upon entry, a full timetable will be provided. Parents/carers can view a copy, of their child’s timetable using the links below. If parents or carers require a paper copy this can be sent home via the student and/or posted.

Timetable 22-23 Student

Aims and Expectations

  1. We will work with students, families, schools and external agencies to ensure excellent attendance for all students.
  2. We will promote good attendance – by raising the profile of attendance via rewards and other initiatives
  3. We will aim to stabilise the attendance of those with irregular attendance patterns – through a staged, consistent model of monitoring of response
  4. We will aim to re-engage persistent, entrenched school refusers – through intensive support, and where necessary, referral onwards to outside agencies.


Whilst we recognise students often have to undertake long journeys outside their usual area/routes to attend The Centre, we expect them to be punctual – according to their agreed timetable.

Once in The Centre, students are expected to arrive at each lesson on time. The class teacher will take the register in the first ten minutes of the lesson and missing students will be located and taken to class. Lesson punctuality will be monitored.

Students needing to leave the classroom for any reason, i.e. anxiety/toilet, are monitored to establish any patterns or identification of additional needs.