Pupil Premium and Literacy & Numeracy Catch-Up Premium

Pupil Premium

Due to the way students are placed at the Centre, typically on a dual-registered and short term basis, we negotiate levels of Pupil Premium on a case by case basis with schools. The number of pupils in receipt of PP is small and as such publishing more specifically how the Pupil Premium is spent would breach anonymity as students could be easily identified.

Literacy & Numeracy Catch-Up Premium

As stated above, students are typically dual-registered with a mainstream school and attend on a short-term basis. Whilst the Centre does assess all students at the start of their placements for literacy and numeracy – and will in turn offer literacy and numeracy interventions where required – it does not currently received literacy and numeracy catch-up premium. This accounts for the lack of a report.

For further information about Pupil Premium and Literacy & Numeracy Catch-Up Premium, please contact us.