Pendlebury Centre – Student Characteristics and Referrals

Referrals for a placement at the Pendlebury Centre are made via the Secondary Panel for Inclusion (SPI). Further information about the referral process can be downloaded here:

Download the REFERRAL FORM

Students attending the Pendlebury Centre typically present with one or more of the following characteristics:


  • Long term non-attendance
  • School phobia

Emotional Problems:

  • Withdrawn behaviour
  • Eating disorders
  • Obsessive behaviours
  • Physical problems
  • Low self esteem


  • Poor self image
  • Self harm
  • Rarely leaves home

Victim of Bullying:

  • Long term non-attendance
  • School phobia

Under achievement:

  • Scoring within the average, below average or above average ability range

Medical problems

‘Acting out’ behaviours

To facilitate a speedy return to mainstream, students are kept on the roll of their mainstream school and, under the arrangement made under the Education Act 2013, will usually be dual registered. All students at Key Stage 3 attend their mainstream school for at least one session each week.

Good weekly communication between the schools, parents and Centre are encouraged. Parents can telephone or visit the Centre at any time to discuss the problems their child may be experiencing.