The Pendlebury Centre – Background Information

The Pendlebury Centre is one of three Pupil Referral Units (PRUs) for secondary-aged students in Stockport.

The Pendlebury Centre provides full-time placements for 40 students with a variety of social, emotional and mental health needs. These placements are not permanent but offered on a short to medium basis, typically as follows:

– Years 7 – 10 – 12 school weeks
– Year 11 – Personalised placement in consideration of student need
– Cedars Provision – 18 school weeks
– Pendlebury PATHS – 4 – 12 week intervention

The Centre also offers access to our Cedars Provision, a specialist Tier 3 provision, and Secondary Jigsaw, a multi-agency mental health team which works as a part of the Stockport CAMHS Service. As a result, the Centre supports around 600 Stockport students per academic year.

The Pendlebury Centre is proud to have had five consecutive ‘Outstanding’ judgements from Ofsted, the most recent in January 2017. This continued record of excellence is a reflection of the staff’s commitment and expertise in working with young people, to go some way in helping students overcome complex issues and difficult situations.

The Pendlebury Centre has placed a significant emphasis on the importance of addressing social, emotional, and mental health needs among young people and families. Through our collaborative efforts with our partners, local schools, and universities, we aim to increase awareness and understanding of these crucial needs and work to reduce the stigma surrounding them.

As part of our commitment to this important work, The Pendlebury Centre provides opportunities for our colleagues to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively address and, where possible, de-escalate the various challenges faced by students. Our goal is to equip our colleagues with a comprehensive understanding of social, emotional, and mental health needs and to empower them to provide the necessary support and care to those in need.

Aims & Ethos

The Pendlebury Centre aims to provide students with a supportive, consistent educational environment that promotes positive mental health alongside academic achievement – whilst developing social skills, independence, self-motivation and respect for others.

The Pendlebury Centre provides a personalised learning experience which will secure a student’s successful reintegration/transition into an appropriate educational provision, and in turn help equip them with the skills to achieve in their future.

The Centre’s ‘Mission Statement’ is summarised as ‘Believe In Your Future’.


To reach the right children, at the right time and to do the right thing.

By 2025-26, we will:

  • Champion professional learning and discussion with stakeholders to increase understanding of the Pendlebury services and thus facilitate appropriate and timely referrals.

  • Design dynamic pathways that are flexible to meet individual needs.

  • Establish a rich, creative and ambitious curriculum that goes beyond the confines of academic attainment and prepares our students for their next steps and adulthood with increased confidence and aspiration regardless of starting point.

  • Ensure the physical space and buildings are fit for purpose and can accommodate increasing demand and the changing needs of cohorts.

  • To support students following the impact of the pandemic, understanding the negative effects on their SEMH needs and disengagement from learning.

Our core values:

  • To celebrate individual and collective success.

  • To maximise strengths and minimise weaknesses.

  • To allow all to thrive in a supportive environment.

  • To be courageous and ambitious and to aspire to reach the full potential in all that we do.

  • To embrace difference and enable belonging.

Strategic plan:

Please click on the following link for our 3-year plan: Strategic Plan

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