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Advice for supporting your child’s mental health.

This May Help has been created to support parents and carers with concerns about their child’s mental health. The subjects covered on this website have been chosen by families and young people who have gone through their own mental health challenges. What helped them may also help you.



Two courses of the online Solihull Approach are now available. They are ‘Understanding Your Brain’
plus a new course called ‘Understanding Your Feelings’. The aim of the courses is to give
teenagers the opportunity to understand how changes that are happening in the brain at this time
may affect their behaviour, sleep and mood. To access these courses go to and use the code

The online Solihull Approach courses also include support for parents, carers and anyone who is involved in a child’s life, including courses on ‘Understanding Your Child’ and ‘Understanding
Your Teenager’s Brain’. Courses are available for a limited time

ASHOKA Your Kids Session

What is Your Kids?

Your Kids is a launch pad for young people to become changemakers. The experience introduces young people and the adults in their lives to a powerful approach to navigating an increasingly complex world with confidence. This session offers new ways for adult allies and young people to come together, promotes self-leadership and offers a path for every young person to contribute powerfully, creatively, and with a sense of purpose.

As change accelerates in the world, everyone has a powerful role to play. In this new world, success depends on a new set of abilities that allow one to imagine a new reality, collaborate with others, and lead change for the good of all. Through YourKids, parents and guardians strengthen the changemaking abilities of empathy, teamwork, leadership, and problem solving while simultaneously developing these abilities in the young people in their lives.

YourKids Flyer


Beacon Counselling SOS Group
Beacon Counselling has exciting opportunities for young people (11-24) to be involved in SOS
(Stamp Out Stigma). This group is to provide young people with a voice in emotional well-being
and mental health services. Young people joining S.O.S do not need to have accessed mental
health support from Beacon or any other service, all that is asked is that they have a passion to
help make a change.
The focus of the group is on the 5 ways to wellbeing. S.O.S can also be delivered in schools,
tailored to the schools needs.
Any young person or school who is interested can get more information by emailing

SHINE is a free Early Help and Emotional Well-being Service for any young person (11-17)
living in Stockport. Young people, their families or professionals can refer.
The offer includes 12 weekly sessions, looking at building resilience, supporting their own
emotional wellbeing and meeting other young people
Beacon have partnered with Arc and Music Space to offer support through creativity. Further
information can be found at Beacon Counselling Shine


This programme is suitable for parents and carers who would like to learn more about the PDA profile of autism.

It is an introductory session offering an overview of PDA and will consider what demands are and their effects, explore PDA demand avoidance, share approaches that might be beneficial, and signpost to additional resources.

Click below for deatils

PDA Programme


Sleep Disorder

Sleep is a biological process that helps the body in performing certain functions. In fact, sleep is important to maintain good health. Disturbed sleeping patterns affect your health, safety, and quality of life.

If you or somebody you care for suffers with a sleep disorder please click the ‘sleep disorder’ link above to access the valuable resources.

Behavioural Therapy for Tics
Non-clinician workshop for teachers and parents.
For people interested in tics and tic disorders such as Tourette Syndrome, there is an online webinar and Q & A, about behavioural therapy, the facts, myths and strategies which could be used at home or school. Date and time: 1.11.22 8 –9.30 pm Cost: £10


At The Pendlebury Centre we place a strong emphasis on our young people developing the awareness and skills to stay safe online.

Part of this also includes increased awareness and supervision of what young people are doing online by the responsible adults around them.

There are a number of resources online that can help with this, including:

  • Advice and Tips on Staying Safe Online (CBBC Newsround) READ HERE
  • Keeping Children Safe Online (NSPCC) READ HERE

We recommend viewing the following articles about the use of the Internet and Video Games:

  • Violent Video Games leave Teens ‘Morally Immature’ (BBC) READ HERE
  • Using mobile phones and tablets before bed could be affecting your sleep, warn scientists – and they say teens are most at risk (Daily Mail) READ HERE