Aims & Ethos

The Pendlebury Centre aims to provide for students, a supportive, consistent educational environment which promotes positive mental health alongside academic achievement – whilst developing social skills, independence, self-motivation and respect for others.

The Pendlebury Centre provides a personalised learning experience which will secure a students’ successful reintegration / transition into an appropriate educational provision, and in turn help equip them with the skills to achieve in their future.

The Centre’s ‘Mission Statement’ is summarised as ‘The Five PCs’:

  1. Positive Contribution
  2. Positive Communication
  3. Positive Creativity
  4. Positive Co operation
  5. Positive Confidence

In working with young people and the families, the Centre also places emphasis on the fact everyone has social, emotional and mental health needs , to varying degrees – we often use famous examples to support this, such as Winston Churchill’s ‘Black Dog’.

Through our work with our partners, local schools and universities, we look to raise awareness of social, emotional and mental health needs, reduce stigma and equip our colleagues with a level of understanding and skill to address, and where possible, de-escalate problems students face.

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