Pendlebury PATHS

Pendlebury Paths is an intervention based at The Pendlebury Centre to support entrenched school non-attenders who identify with SEMH needs. The offer runs over four days per week and students attend for two afternoons a week.

Each placement runs for between 4 and 12 weeks and will result in the most appropriate pathway being determined for those students involved. The pathway may be a referral to The Pendlebury Centre or Cedars Provision, but may also be a supported reintegration back into the student’s mainstream school or to another education provider.

The intervention is designed specifically around reintegration with education. The curriculum includes assessments to identify needs.

All students remain single registered with their mainstream school and, along with their families, will be key in the identification and success of the future pathway. Family support is a crucial part of the programme.

Referrals are completed by the students’ mainstream school through the Secondary Panel for Inclusion (SPI).