Between 3rd – 6th May 2022, we will be embarking on a virtual long-distance cycle ride from our Centre to Disney Land Paris on exercise bikes.

Why Paris? This is the destination chosen by our students. Thankfully they didn’t choose Orlando!!

We will be cycling in relay ensuring that the wheels are spinning throughout the school day. We are committed to raising money for every mile achieved.

Why are we doing this? Our students deserve every opportunity to flourish and to be successful. We want to give them enriching, educational and challenging experiences beyond the confines of the Centre that will help them realise their ambitions and support their potential. We need a mini bus!
Hear the story of our PTFA Chairperson Claire Finch:
‘My son was diagnosed with an aggressive brain and spinal cancer aged 8. Due to treatment and illness he has spent years in hospital.
This has meant years lost in education, which in itself brings enough challenges, but it has also meant that he has missed out on the opportunity to build and develop friendships and experience the world outside. This lead to him loosing a great deal of confidence in himself and struggling to fit in with friends. By the time he was 12, my son was suffering from extreme anxiety and was so frightened he was unable to even get in the car to travel to school.
We were offered a place at The Pendlebury Centre, I honestly thought it was too late and that he would not be able to cope in any educational setting. I could not have been more wrong!
Within a week, he was attending everyday! The care and compassion shown by all the staff meant that he felt instantly comfortable. I could not believe it!
He still suffers from periods of time off school due to illness, but each time he goes back he instantly settles in, feels cared for and most importantly safe. I can honestly say, I believe The Pendlebury Centre has changed his life and given him a future to look forward to.
I don’t know how the staff do it at The Pendlebury Centre, but every child in a short time, realises that they are valued and cared for and that their voice is important. Every child is taught to respect themselves and others and this is recognised and rewarded.
To help continue their amazing work The Pendlebury Centre wants to buy their own minibus. This will allow their students, and my son, to go on educational visits or activities in a supported and safe way.
Please donate anything you can to help this amazing school!’
The funds raised will go towards buying a minibus for our students so they can be taken out of the centre.
Please dig deep! Click on this link to the gofundme page.