We actively encourage all of our students to take advantage of our free breakfast club.  Not only does this provide students with the opportunity to have a nutritionally sound start to the day, but provides a safe, calm and sociable experience and a space to talk and prepare for the day ahead.

Additionally, an evaluation has been published by Family Action and Magic Breakfast, which delivered the government’s National School Breakfast Programme between 2018 and 2021.

The evaluation (2021) finds that the schools who hosted breakfast clubs reported that the provision had supported improvement across key areas, including:

  • Improved pupil behaviour (94 per cent).
  • Healthier eating habits among pupils (95 per cent).
  • Readiness to learn (99 per cent).
  • Concentration in class (99 per cent).
  • Educational attainment (94 per cent).
  • Better social skills (93 per cent).
  • Better parental engagement (79 per cent).

The schools also reported a 28 per cent reduction in late marks across a term and a 24 per cent reduction in behaviour incidents among pupils attending the clubs.

We hope that all of our students take advantage of this offer and would like to thanks Morrisons, Cheadle Heath for supporting us with this.