Kooth and Qwell, are online emotional wellbeing and mental health services, accredited by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and delivered by Kooth Digital Health, the UK’s largest digital mental health support service. Both services are available 365 days a year provide free and anonymous access to preventative, early interventions and out-of-hours professional support which compliments the treatment available via other mental health services.

From April 2022, Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership has commissioned Qwell, delivered by Kooth, for adults aged 26+ across all 10 localities of Greater Manchester.

Children and young adults aged 10 to 18 have already benefited from being able to access the Kooth.com service, which has also been extended and will be accessible for those aged 10 to 25 across the region.

This session is for parents and carers in Stockport who want to know more about Kooth and Qwell as part of the digital mental health offer for Greater Manchester

What you will learn from the session:

-how each support feature on the websites work

-how adults and young people benefit from the services

-how we safeguard at risk adults and young people

There will be a live demo of the websites and response to any questions. Please click here for more information and to confirm attendance.