12-17 vaccine covid

All children aged between 12 and 15 are being offered two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine. It’s safe, easy and gives them the best protection against the virus. Children who are at high risk from COVID-19, or live with someone who is immunosuppressed, can also get a booster jab.

School nursing teams will be going back into most schools to deliver second doses – and first doses where still needed. Parents/guardians will get a letter or email with information about when this will happen, and be asked to give consent. It’s important that your children get vaccinated as it reduces their chances of getting seriously ill, especially those who are immunosuppressed. While one dose provides good protection, two doses give stronger and longer-lasting protection. By getting vaccinated, children can reduce their risk of passing on the infection to family members, particularly vulnerable grandparents, and others they come into contact with. It can also reduce the spread of COVID-19 in schools, helping keep them in the classroom and doing the things they enjoy.

If your child has already had COVID-19 they can still be re-infected, and while having had COVID-19 may offer some immunity, the vaccine offers guaranteed and longer-lasting antibodies. However, they will need to wait 12 weeks following a positive test before they can have the vaccine.

If your child is unable to receive a vaccination through school, finding an alternative vaccine clinic is easy:

If you are unsure about the vaccine, or your child is nervous, our staff at vaccination centres will be able to answer any questions you might have.