Jigsaw – Interventions

1-to-1 Intervention

Depending on a young person and/or their family’s needs, we can offer a range of interventions. We are a non-urgent, short-term service.

An initial meeting with the young person and family/carers allows for an opportunity to explore their concerns, thoughts and feelings.

We work in a collaborative way to reach a decision with the young person and family about what service can best meet their needs. If the Jigsaw service is deemed the most appropriate, we then establish which intervention is the most suitable. A practitioner will contact the family when support is available.

This may include:

  • One-to-one work with the young person incorporating different therapies such as cognitive behavioural therapy, mindfulness, brief solution-focused therapy, and drama therapy.
  • One-to-one work developing an understanding and building skills in areas such as self-esteem and confidence, emotional regulation, self compassion, interpersonal relationships, building mental healthy habits, relaxation techniques, stress tolerance, managing anxiety, problem-solving and behavioural activation.
  • Liaison with school staff and other agencies who may be involved with the young person to ensure a joined up approach.
  • Promoting mental health awareness in schools.

During our involvement, we regularly meet with the young person and the family to review progress. After completion of the work, we provide a final written report which may include recommendations that can maintain progress, and/or signposting to alternative services that can offer longer-term help if required.