About Secondary Jigsaw

The Jigsaw Team is a multi-agency mental health team which works as a part of the Stockport CAMHS Service. The work is based in Stockport secondary mainstream schools.

It is jointly funded by Stockport LEA and CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service) Development strategy.

The team comprises of a coordinator, 1 teacher, 2 mental health practitioners, 1 drama therapist, 1 emotional well-being support worker and 1 administrator.

We aim to work alongside mainstream secondary schools and detached education services to improve the educational and emotional opportunities for those students experiencing mental health difficulties and to offer support for their families and carers.

Who can access this service?

All secondary aged students who are currently receiving education from a Stockport-LA mainstream schools and detached units who are experiencing mental health difficulties which have an impact on their emotional, social and educational abilities


To Promote emotional and behavioural wellbeing and where possible prevent difficulties arising

To provide early intervention for students and families

To provide consultation and advice to secondary school staff

To ensure multi-disciplinary working and networking with other services to create a more integrated approach

To provide new perspectives on students mental health problems which lead to care and treatment strategies being redesigned when and where appropriate

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Pendlebury Centre main Telephone number 0161 428 9305
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