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The Home and Hospital Teaching Service aims, through liaison with home schools, to provide a broad, balanced curriculum for children aged 4 –16 who are unable, for medical or mental ill health reasons, to attend school.

It must be recognised that the Home and Hospital Teaching Service provides support for the students with a variety of needs. It is a pre-requisite, therefore, that students health issues are considered and given priority before learning can take place. Close liaison, therefore, with all agencies is important.

The core National Curriculum is offered to all students being taught by the Home and Hospital Teaching Service and other choices offered whenever possible.  A caring and flexible approach encourages students to work and make progress

Students experience a range of teaching and learning styles and should have access to a calm, supportive atmosphere where learning can take place and each individual student can develop to the best of their ability


The aims of the Home and Hospital Teaching Service are:

To minimise, so much as is possible, disruption to a child’s education resulting from medical needs.

To work closely with the child’s home school who will provide work suitable for the child’s age, ability, needs and health at the time

To liaise with any other professionals involved with the child/family

To provide, as far as possible, a broad and balanced curriculum

To encourage and assist the child in returning to school

Further information about the referral process can be downloaded here:


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